Hello world!

This is my entry to the Blogorama, I wanted to start this blog as a way to chronicle all my adventures as a mom of one and a full time PhD student. Juggling motherhood and studies. Being a mom adds a whole new dimension to life, its one of life’s biggest adventures, its also the most memorable time of the day. Every day my 12 month old son does some thing that takes my breath away, and makes me feel proud. I want to chronicle all those precious memories some where and felt that blogging might be a away to do it.

I am expecting my second son on May 13 of this year, the new addition will add more color and confusion to our lives. we have finally reached a stage in parenthood where things make sense and parenting is rewarded with cuddles and wet kisses. I am not sure if I am ready to enter the black hole for fourth trimester yet. Its pretty scary and more scary if you think you have to endure the entire 4th trimester with an 18 month old, who survives on schedule. I hope the blogging community will be a place where I can shell out my frustration, yell out to my hearts content and be truly myself.