I am a full time PhD student and a full time Mom, its interesting how I have started defining myself more and more as a mom than a wife or a daughter or a sister. It seems like motherhood has become the one identity that has become more important to me in my life than any other identity that I had. I love being a mother, its tough the first few months but when your son/daughter starts recognizing you and starts asking for you it becomes so much more rewarding.

I am going to be a mom for the second time pretty soon. My sons will be 16 months apart, I am not sure how we are going to hold it all together, I am counting on my awesome husband, who is a great great help but…that is a big BUT we dont know how Krish (our first son) will react to his world being shaken around by a tiny little bundle whom he has never met. I am more and more worried about how the new born will change my relationship with Krish. Right now Krish and I have this super duper bond, he has the sweetest smiles, longest cuddles and wettest kisses for me. But mommy will not have time for all that cuddle once the new one comes along..so we will see

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