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Nandana Nama Samvatsara Shubhakankshalu


Last Ugadi, I had a tiny bundle of joy, all he did eat, poop and sleep, he was a miracle and every thing he did was cute but now my sweet little baby is all grown up. Its interesting to see his personality, he is very mild mannered and is an intense learner. He puts his heart and head into learning anything and its so cute to see and cherish his tiny little achievements.  He is so proud of his achievements, and our hearts just burst out with joy every time we see that accomplishment in his face. These are his latest accomplishments.



He has completely transitioned into a walking toddler, he no longer crawls, but likes to walk every where If we will let him, he will walk all the way to the moon. Yesterday his Dad and I took Krish out to our parking lot after his bath thinking that he will walk a little and fall asleep. But our little one had other plans. He kept walking in the parking lot from the entrance to the cars to the trash can and coming back in to the garage. I was surprised to see that he knew his way around. He has seen that parking lot all his life but I never realized that he actually understood the lay out.

He knew which doors took us back home and avoided those doors, he knew which door led to the garage. He walked non-stop without holding hands for a full hour. He has these tiny little sandals with straps in the back and he was wearing a cute sleeveless onesie with some pants…my little monster was laughing the whole time throwing his head out. So proud of himselves.

Both Nag and I were starving as we did not have our dinner but oh boy that one hour outdoors with our gymnast was complete bliss. At the end of the hour when we took him back home, he was throwing a huge tantrum it was nearly 2 hours past his bed time but he did not want to sleep he just wanted to keep walking and walking.


Bath time

Krish has always loved baths, he enjoyed them even when he was a baby, but bath time now is just so much more different. We put him in the big tub with tons of toys and water resistant books. So Krish then takes his blue mug puts all the sea animals in the mug and then goes and fills the mug with water. He has this tiny cup kind of thing, which has holes in it, the past two days he was trying to fill the cup and hold it so water can flow from the holes. The last two days he was just observing me and asking me to do it over and over again. Yesterday he did it all by himself. Its incredible to watch him master some thing as simple as getting water into a cup and holding it straight.

These days bath time are our favorite times, so we get in the tub, play a little get him wet and after I wash him, I get out of the tub. Then starts his play time, he will stay in the tub playing with the wash cloth, the toys, the mug and just splashing water for a whole 30-45 minutes.


These days we get the Ipad only when Krish is sleeping, he has figured out how to switch it on, and he has a favorite app, where there is this tiny baby who dances to music. He will hold the ipad go around the house with that baby dancing. Most days he dances with baby, I wish we had another Ipad just so we can take a video of him with the Ipad. So far he has been cautious with the Ipad and hasn’t thrown it or dropped it down..but I guess we better get some sturdy cover for that thing if we want to last it till the next one comes along.


Krish has mastered the art of communicating using the bare minimum syllables.. if he wants some thing he points his hand to it and persists till we get the thing that we want. He wants some thing really really bad, he will make this sound “yayyyyyyyyy” while pointing the hand and of course we have the weapon of crying with big huge tears that drop within seconds if he does not get his way.

But my favorite part of his new communication skill is the way he says yes..he nods his head up and down and says yes…that is super duper cute.. no body can beat that.

I could write an entire book on my little hero, the way he stretches his body and his cute little babbling as he wakes up, the way he looks and smiles at you when you go to pick him up from the baby sitter, the way he asks for snacks. His stubbornness, his cuteness, his childishness, he shows us how to take pleasure in the smallest of things. Oh Boy…can we just stop the clock and make these moments last longer..just a few more minutes.


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