Special Times with Krish

I have already blogged about our special sleep and wake up times. But these days Krish is learning new skills and developing a strong personality so we are having more of those special times…so here you go with the latest.

Reading Time: Krish and I have always loved reading we usually read two to three books before he goes to sleep. Typically he sits on my lap and turns the pages of the book that I read, but these days he has decided that he can read on his own. He sits next to me on the bed, holds a different book than what I am reading and will imitate me. He will sit there and turn the pages and makes sounds as if he is truly reading the book. It is funny and sweet at the same time.

Cooking Time: Krish used to be happy sitting on his high chair in the kitchen and watch me cook, but now days he wants to be part of the action. His new favorite thing to do is work the blender. I have a magic bullet and typically grind food for him in that blender. Krish will sit on the counter and hold the magic bullet for me. Once the food is blended he is ready to eat it right there on the kitchen counter. He also likes to hold the pan for me as I am putting vegetables or condiments into it. I am truly scared of his adventures in the Kitchen but these days it is all about doing what Mommy is doing.

Feeding Time: My baby is melting Mommy’s heart with his cuteness. So he was sitting on his Dads lap and holding the string cheese. His Dad was taking small pieces of the string cheese and putting it in Krish’s mouth. Krish out of the blue, breaks a tiny tiny piece of the cheese and puts it in my mouth. I will never forget that moment it truly made my day. Its moments like these that make parenting the best job ever in the world.  

His feeding spree continues, now a days when it is time for his meal he will hold a cup and a spoon with nothing in it, he will dip the spoon in the cup take the imaginary food and put it in my mouth. If I say oh Krish this yummy I want more, he will take the spoon dip it again in the cup and feed me. My baby is growing up so so so fast. I cannot believe it.

TV time: So when we are watching TV Krish usually ignores TV and either tries to get our attention or go play with his toys. But the other day he found a remote (thank fully not the TV’s) pointed it to the tv and started pressing the buttons. So here is my new imitator…this guy has to do everything that we do. Its crazy, so it basically means that our very very limited TV time has to be further shortened if we do not want Krish to watch TV.



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