My Baby is one year old

My baby is one year old now. Cannot believe how fast the time goes. Krish’s accomplishments so far: Plays peek-a-boo from the moment he wakes up till he sleeps; crawls all over the house when we play Hide and seek (Donga police); cruises (walking with support) all around the house; Can stack up his cups into a tower; can sort shapes into their box; follows mommy to kitchen and Bangs dishes on the floor with great vigor, Crawls really really fast in to the kitchen when fridge or dishwasher is opened; kisses mommy and daddy with so much passion and love, that it hurts (especially since he has new teeth); crawls into mommy’s lap with a book and turns pages as we read (Hop on Pop for the 1000th time); sings himself to sleep; splashes the water in tub; lifts his hands when putting on his shirt; Wakes you up with kisses all over your face and a smile that will melt your heart; has figured out how to switch off and on the light; Can give you a scathing look if he does not like what you are doing; can eat a slice of apple by himself; holds on to a boiled egg and eats it carefully so it does not break.

Everything that he does is fascinating, new and filled with passion. I have never had a better year in my life…this year with my baby is the best year of my life. I am blessed beyond belief, he makes me laugh till I cry, he makes me sad, so far he has not made me mad or angry…but I think that day will come soon enough.

I also should thank my darling hubby, who has been part of this beautiful adventure of our Life. DH (Dear Husband) and Krish share this beautiful bond that some times makes me jealous. But DH has been the best dad that I had ever known, he is never too tired (even after a 30 hour duty, or 2 days of stomach flu) to play with Krish. He worries about krish so much that it make my head hurt (he is a schedule freak but so is Krish) . Being a Dad comes naturally to DH, he is loving, caring, patient, mischevious, and adventurous. DH is never worried about getting dirty with his son, he is never worried about getting wet, if something makes Krish happy he will do that in a heartbeat. This year has shown me a different face of my husband, one that is patient, mischevious, methodical, and at the same time fun filled. He made this journey so much more fun and beautiful.

We are proud parents of a beautiful, bubbly, lovely, energetic, passionate, most kissable baby ever to crawl on this earth. Thanks to all our friends and family who made this journey so much more memorable.


3 thoughts on “My Baby is one year old

  1. Hi Deepu……..I know that you will be the best Mom in the world and Krish is lucky enough to have parents like you. I am sure that one day he will become an important person under your able guidance.

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