Rain rain go away

Its raining here today, its not too cold but just rain.I have never hated rain this bad before but today was just not my day.  So I woke up without a hitch took bath, cooked breakfast for hubby (Idli) who had to run out at the ungodly hour of 7:00 am, woke krish up gave him a bath, fed him and then started preparing his food and our dinner. Finally we were ready to head out the door at 8:30 am and then the fun began in earnest

So I had krish in one arm, had my 15″ laptop bag (very cute red leather and get compliments all the time about the bag) packed to the brink with my snacks (Stoufers lunch, yogurt, banana chips, apple etc) and then Krish’s bag (packed with milk, avocado puree, liver mousse, Khicdi (indian rice dish for kids)). Typically I can balance all these stuff barely..till I get into the car…but did I say it was raining so I had to balance all this stuff and the umbrella (BTW I am 24 weeks pregnant so balancing anything is a big deal) plus I had to wear my big jacket. I am very petite and have tiny tiny shoulder so keeping a bag on my shoulders is usually difficult let alone with a winter jacket and a toddler in tow.

So any way I manage to get out into the rain and all the way near our parking lot. Just before reaching my car my hands give up I cannot carry the bags any more, so I decide to leave the bags in our lobby area and take Krish with me to the Car. So I open the car up, buckle my bundle of joy (who is tiny by the way he is not a big boy) and run back to get my bags in the lobby…but realize that I left my door keys in the bag which I left behind the locked door. I frantically push all the neighbors intercoms hoping that some body would be in and let me in…..after a frantic 1 whole minute wait, our favorite neighbor answers and says that he will come open the door…so I wait (before running back and forth to make sure Krish is still ok in the car seat.) Finally our neighbor comes down and opens the door and I ask him if his buzzer was not working and he could have opened the door from his house…he said he completely forgot about that option. any way I frantically get my bags and rush back in to the car thanking the GODS a little too early.

I FORGOT MY GLASSES. so here we go again…unbuckle Krish…carry the umbrella walk slowly while running in my mind (remember no running especially when you are pregnant and carrying a toddler while the floor is slippery) finally go upstairs find my glasses in Krish’s room on his changing table (wonder when that happened) and again walk back down slowly and carefully trying not to slip. Make it safely to the car, buckle Krish up and leave home before some thing else happens.

So now here is a thought how am I going to do all of this when I have an infant, a toddler, three bags at least (my laptop bag, baby bag plus my breast pump). Arghhhhhhhhhhhh



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