Cuddling Time

Krish, my son and I have the sweetest and best sleep and wake up schedules.

We are co sleeping, and have attached his crib (pulled really close) to our bed and after he has his bath and oil massage, we read a few books. Krish then crawls in to his crib around 7:30, I lie down next to him switch off all the lights and start the soothing sounds sheep on. Then starts the cuddling…..Krish moves around his crib  trying to find the best position to sleep, he comes to me gives mommy some very sweet wet kisses….he then chews on my fingers (since he is teething). This goes on for a few minutes…some times he will come and kiss my belly (I am six months pregnant so he gives a lot of wet kisses to my belly). some time he will play with my hair…pull it out and see how long it is. I am always amazed by how gentle and loving he is. All the time, I try not to make a noise, I dont want to encourage him to keep on playing but at the same time I want to extend our special time together. He usually falls asleep in 15 to 20 minutes…but he does show his love in those few minutes..I am left wanting more.

And then when the morning comes around (around 6:00 am) I am not a morning person…but the moment he tries to find me, if i am not sleeping next to him, he will crawl over his dad and come to mommy. He will then give me the sweetest gentlest kisses and tries to wake me up with his cuddles and kisses. I always joke and say he is the sweetest alarm clock I ever had. He keeps drowsing back to sleep some times, but he is persistent and we are both up and brushing our teeth by 6:30 am. I know a day will come when he will not want a hug or a kiss from his old lady, but I hope i will remember these nights and early morning hours in later years and cherish these memories forever.

I am really worried how our routines and cuddles will change once we have baby #2, I just hope that I will have the energy to continue the night time and day time routines even after baby#2.


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