Nandana Nama Samvatsara Shubhakankshalu


Last Ugadi, I had a tiny bundle of joy, all he did eat, poop and sleep, he was a miracle and every thing he did was cute but now my sweet little baby is all grown up. Its interesting to see his personality, he is very mild mannered and is an intense learner. He puts his heart and head into learning anything and its so cute to see and cherish his tiny little achievements.  He is so proud of his achievements, and our hearts just burst out with joy every time we see that accomplishment in his face. These are his latest accomplishments.



He has completely transitioned into a walking toddler, he no longer crawls, but likes to walk every where If we will let him, he will walk all the way to the moon. Yesterday his Dad and I took Krish out to our parking lot after his bath thinking that he will walk a little and fall asleep. But our little one had other plans. He kept walking in the parking lot from the entrance to the cars to the trash can and coming back in to the garage. I was surprised to see that he knew his way around. He has seen that parking lot all his life but I never realized that he actually understood the lay out.

He knew which doors took us back home and avoided those doors, he knew which door led to the garage. He walked non-stop without holding hands for a full hour. He has these tiny little sandals with straps in the back and he was wearing a cute sleeveless onesie with some pants…my little monster was laughing the whole time throwing his head out. So proud of himselves.

Both Nag and I were starving as we did not have our dinner but oh boy that one hour outdoors with our gymnast was complete bliss. At the end of the hour when we took him back home, he was throwing a huge tantrum it was nearly 2 hours past his bed time but he did not want to sleep he just wanted to keep walking and walking.


Bath time

Krish has always loved baths, he enjoyed them even when he was a baby, but bath time now is just so much more different. We put him in the big tub with tons of toys and water resistant books. So Krish then takes his blue mug puts all the sea animals in the mug and then goes and fills the mug with water. He has this tiny cup kind of thing, which has holes in it, the past two days he was trying to fill the cup and hold it so water can flow from the holes. The last two days he was just observing me and asking me to do it over and over again. Yesterday he did it all by himself. Its incredible to watch him master some thing as simple as getting water into a cup and holding it straight.

These days bath time are our favorite times, so we get in the tub, play a little get him wet and after I wash him, I get out of the tub. Then starts his play time, he will stay in the tub playing with the wash cloth, the toys, the mug and just splashing water for a whole 30-45 minutes.


These days we get the Ipad only when Krish is sleeping, he has figured out how to switch it on, and he has a favorite app, where there is this tiny baby who dances to music. He will hold the ipad go around the house with that baby dancing. Most days he dances with baby, I wish we had another Ipad just so we can take a video of him with the Ipad. So far he has been cautious with the Ipad and hasn’t thrown it or dropped it down..but I guess we better get some sturdy cover for that thing if we want to last it till the next one comes along.


Krish has mastered the art of communicating using the bare minimum syllables.. if he wants some thing he points his hand to it and persists till we get the thing that we want. He wants some thing really really bad, he will make this sound “yayyyyyyyyy” while pointing the hand and of course we have the weapon of crying with big huge tears that drop within seconds if he does not get his way.

But my favorite part of his new communication skill is the way he says yes..he nods his head up and down and says yes…that is super duper cute.. no body can beat that.

I could write an entire book on my little hero, the way he stretches his body and his cute little babbling as he wakes up, the way he looks and smiles at you when you go to pick him up from the baby sitter, the way he asks for snacks. His stubbornness, his cuteness, his childishness, he shows us how to take pleasure in the smallest of things. Oh Boy…can we just stop the clock and make these moments last longer..just a few more minutes.


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Why I love my work


The argument between stay-at-home moms and working moms is as fresh as the day it first started. There are definitely pros and cons for each side of the debate. For me, the transition to being a working mom was relatively easy as I was a PhD student with flexible hours. So when I first started taking classes (when Krish was 4 months old) I would leave him with the baby sitter for the minimum time possible (only during classes or important meetings) then my husband would take care of him when I had evening classes. So those three months were a good transition period, as I would leave Krish with my baby sitter only a few hours a day for a maximum of 20 hours a week.

But after finishing coursework and my comps, I started working part time (20 hours a week) at a research institute. I needed to work on my research in addition to the research job so starting November of 2011 I was officially working full time or almost full time nearly 30-40 hours a week. I was worried about the transition, how am I going to get ready every day on time with Krish, how am I going to manage the household? Will I ever finish my research? Etc… but as it turns out I love this transition to fulltime work. Here are the reasons:

  1. Socialization: Now I have a network of colleagues (including a mom of two toddlers) with whom I can communicate and have dialogue or conversations. Adult conversations on a vast number of issues.
  2. Adult Behavior:  Simple things like following social norms like looking decent, wearing clothes that are not covered in spit, saying hello, thanks, how are you doing? or even  having lunch without interruptions can seem like a dream come true.
  3. Compliments: Being a mother is a wonderful thing, taking care of your little one is fun and precious but you are never going to get a thank you or good job from your little one.  You might get some really cool wet kisses. So hearing compliments like ‘good job’ or’ you look good today’ can make your day.
  4. Schedule: Prior to working, we did not follow a schedule, we just did whatever worked for us. But now we have developed a perfect schedule of waking up, sleeping, eating etc. Contrary to my thinking Krish loves his schedule. He likes waking up in the morning, he likes going to the baby sitter and smiles at me when I go to pick him up.
  5. Dressing up: Now  I can actually plan what to wear and how to look…pick a dress, accessories and look and feel good.  I realized that if I put an effort to look presentable and decent I feel good.
  6. Out of the house: By nature I am a home body, I am happy to lay on the couch all day and watch movies and then stress about the time I wasted instead of doing the 1 million things on the to do list. But if I am out of the house, I have a productive day and then I have more energy at the end of the day to prepare a meal or enjoy my son.
  7. Quality vs Quantity: Granted my time with Krish is very miniscule on weekdays, but that makes the weekends so much more special. I treasure those lazy weekends when its just us (Krish, Nag and I) where we can enjoy every giggle, babble and tantrum of our lovely son. Those moments are really revered.
  8. Taking off the mommy hat: Mommy hat is the most precious, glamorous and heaviest hat that I ever wore, sometimes my head, shoulders and neck hurt with the weight of the mommy hat. All the other hats that I wear wife, student, Graduate Assistant, Researcher pale in comparison to the mommy hat. So it is quite relieving to put the hat down some times. Mommy needs some time off too.

This list can go on and on but at the end of the day, its a personal decision that every family has to make based on their own realities. Being a working mom is not easy, you juggle a lot of things, make a few sacrifices at the same time being a stay-at-home mom cannot be easy either.

I really congratulate and take my hat off for the women who choose to stay at home full time and bear the complete burden of parenthood. It truly is an under appreciated, under paid and over worked job. Those ladies deserve a big round of applause. At the same time both the camps have to come to a place where we respect each others decisions and choices. Being a mother in and of itself is a life changing experience and most of us moms (working or stay-at-home) try to do the best we can to make it a pleasurable experience.

Special Times with Krish

I have already blogged about our special sleep and wake up times. But these days Krish is learning new skills and developing a strong personality so we are having more of those special times…so here you go with the latest.

Reading Time: Krish and I have always loved reading we usually read two to three books before he goes to sleep. Typically he sits on my lap and turns the pages of the book that I read, but these days he has decided that he can read on his own. He sits next to me on the bed, holds a different book than what I am reading and will imitate me. He will sit there and turn the pages and makes sounds as if he is truly reading the book. It is funny and sweet at the same time.

Cooking Time: Krish used to be happy sitting on his high chair in the kitchen and watch me cook, but now days he wants to be part of the action. His new favorite thing to do is work the blender. I have a magic bullet and typically grind food for him in that blender. Krish will sit on the counter and hold the magic bullet for me. Once the food is blended he is ready to eat it right there on the kitchen counter. He also likes to hold the pan for me as I am putting vegetables or condiments into it. I am truly scared of his adventures in the Kitchen but these days it is all about doing what Mommy is doing.

Feeding Time: My baby is melting Mommy’s heart with his cuteness. So he was sitting on his Dads lap and holding the string cheese. His Dad was taking small pieces of the string cheese and putting it in Krish’s mouth. Krish out of the blue, breaks a tiny tiny piece of the cheese and puts it in my mouth. I will never forget that moment it truly made my day. Its moments like these that make parenting the best job ever in the world.  

His feeding spree continues, now a days when it is time for his meal he will hold a cup and a spoon with nothing in it, he will dip the spoon in the cup take the imaginary food and put it in my mouth. If I say oh Krish this yummy I want more, he will take the spoon dip it again in the cup and feed me. My baby is growing up so so so fast. I cannot believe it.

TV time: So when we are watching TV Krish usually ignores TV and either tries to get our attention or go play with his toys. But the other day he found a remote (thank fully not the TV’s) pointed it to the tv and started pressing the buttons. So here is my new imitator…this guy has to do everything that we do. Its crazy, so it basically means that our very very limited TV time has to be further shortened if we do not want Krish to watch TV.


Fourth Trimester

So my hubby asked me the other day what a fourth trimester is? Its super funny he asks because we read at least three books on the subject and bunch of blogs plus he is a neonatologist. Aren’t they supposed to be experts…guess not.

So fourth trimester is a concept invented or perhaps advertised by Dr.Karp, the author of the best selling books and Dvd’s “happiest baby on the block”. His basic argument is that when babies are born they are not really ready for birth. He argues that we have to maintain womb like atmosphere for the babies for the first three months of their lives.When I had my son, I was familiar with the concept but it really did not mean much to me. But looking back I can see that those first three months with a new born are very different.

Womb like atmosphere (the five s’s):

  1. Swaddling: Tight swaddling recreates the confinement of the womb.
  2. Side/Stomach position: Holding the baby on the right side slightly face down.
  3. Shushing: Karp uses a loud “ssh” sound similar to the loud white noise that is present in the womb.
  4. Swinging (and jiggling): Gentle but constant jiggling (especially of the head) is intended to remind babies of the constant motion they experienced in the womb.
  5. Sucking: Karp also recommends the use of pacifiers

NOTE: If you are in India, we have this cloth slings that hang from the roof these slings work best for babies as they swaddle them as well as provide motion so clearly taking care of two of the five s’s. There is a reason for traditions and customs so stick to things that have worked for centuries, if you can get a sling that can hang from the roof..that would work great. I cannot swear by it as we never had one..but of course we all grew up in them so they must be working.

The other part of the first three months is that babies tummies are as small as a marble when they are born and breast milk digests super fast. So if you are breast feeding your baby, be patient as they will need to feed every 2 to 3 hours. If you can get a breast pump and have a caretaker feed your baby it might give mom some rest. Experts recommend that you exclusively breast feed (no bottles) for atleast 8 weeks and once your milk supply is established and your baby is latching well you can start giving him bottles. Enjoy the time with your little one ladies, it just goes by fast…as my dear friend likes to say, “Days are long but Years are short” before you know it your son will be a year old and running away from you.

If you want to read up on Dr.Karp’s techniques here are some other interesting posts


My Baby is one year old

My baby is one year old now. Cannot believe how fast the time goes. Krish’s accomplishments so far: Plays peek-a-boo from the moment he wakes up till he sleeps; crawls all over the house when we play Hide and seek (Donga police); cruises (walking with support) all around the house; Can stack up his cups into a tower; can sort shapes into their box; follows mommy to kitchen and Bangs dishes on the floor with great vigor, Crawls really really fast in to the kitchen when fridge or dishwasher is opened; kisses mommy and daddy with so much passion and love, that it hurts (especially since he has new teeth); crawls into mommy’s lap with a book and turns pages as we read (Hop on Pop for the 1000th time); sings himself to sleep; splashes the water in tub; lifts his hands when putting on his shirt; Wakes you up with kisses all over your face and a smile that will melt your heart; has figured out how to switch off and on the light; Can give you a scathing look if he does not like what you are doing; can eat a slice of apple by himself; holds on to a boiled egg and eats it carefully so it does not break.

Everything that he does is fascinating, new and filled with passion. I have never had a better year in my life…this year with my baby is the best year of my life. I am blessed beyond belief, he makes me laugh till I cry, he makes me sad, so far he has not made me mad or angry…but I think that day will come soon enough.

I also should thank my darling hubby, who has been part of this beautiful adventure of our Life. DH (Dear Husband) and Krish share this beautiful bond that some times makes me jealous. But DH has been the best dad that I had ever known, he is never too tired (even after a 30 hour duty, or 2 days of stomach flu) to play with Krish. He worries about krish so much that it make my head hurt (he is a schedule freak but so is Krish) . Being a Dad comes naturally to DH, he is loving, caring, patient, mischevious, and adventurous. DH is never worried about getting dirty with his son, he is never worried about getting wet, if something makes Krish happy he will do that in a heartbeat. This year has shown me a different face of my husband, one that is patient, mischevious, methodical, and at the same time fun filled. He made this journey so much more fun and beautiful.

We are proud parents of a beautiful, bubbly, lovely, energetic, passionate, most kissable baby ever to crawl on this earth. Thanks to all our friends and family who made this journey so much more memorable.

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Rain rain go away

Its raining here today, its not too cold but just rain.I have never hated rain this bad before but today was just not my day.  So I woke up without a hitch took bath, cooked breakfast for hubby (Idli) who had to run out at the ungodly hour of 7:00 am, woke krish up gave him a bath, fed him and then started preparing his food and our dinner. Finally we were ready to head out the door at 8:30 am and then the fun began in earnest

So I had krish in one arm, had my 15″ laptop bag (very cute red leather and get compliments all the time about the bag) packed to the brink with my snacks (Stoufers lunch, yogurt, banana chips, apple etc) and then Krish’s bag (packed with milk, avocado puree, liver mousse, Khicdi (indian rice dish for kids)). Typically I can balance all these stuff barely..till I get into the car…but did I say it was raining so I had to balance all this stuff and the umbrella (BTW I am 24 weeks pregnant so balancing anything is a big deal) plus I had to wear my big jacket. I am very petite and have tiny tiny shoulder so keeping a bag on my shoulders is usually difficult let alone with a winter jacket and a toddler in tow.

So any way I manage to get out into the rain and all the way near our parking lot. Just before reaching my car my hands give up I cannot carry the bags any more, so I decide to leave the bags in our lobby area and take Krish with me to the Car. So I open the car up, buckle my bundle of joy (who is tiny by the way he is not a big boy) and run back to get my bags in the lobby…but realize that I left my door keys in the bag which I left behind the locked door. I frantically push all the neighbors intercoms hoping that some body would be in and let me in…..after a frantic 1 whole minute wait, our favorite neighbor answers and says that he will come open the door…so I wait (before running back and forth to make sure Krish is still ok in the car seat.) Finally our neighbor comes down and opens the door and I ask him if his buzzer was not working and he could have opened the door from his house…he said he completely forgot about that option. any way I frantically get my bags and rush back in to the car thanking the GODS a little too early.

I FORGOT MY GLASSES. so here we go again…unbuckle Krish…carry the umbrella walk slowly while running in my mind (remember no running especially when you are pregnant and carrying a toddler while the floor is slippery) finally go upstairs find my glasses in Krish’s room on his changing table (wonder when that happened) and again walk back down slowly and carefully trying not to slip. Make it safely to the car, buckle Krish up and leave home before some thing else happens.

So now here is a thought how am I going to do all of this when I have an infant, a toddler, three bags at least (my laptop bag, baby bag plus my breast pump). Arghhhhhhhhhhhh


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Cuddling Time

Krish, my son and I have the sweetest and best sleep and wake up schedules.

We are co sleeping, and have attached his crib (pulled really close) to our bed and after he has his bath and oil massage, we read a few books. Krish then crawls in to his crib around 7:30, I lie down next to him switch off all the lights and start the soothing sounds sheep on. Then starts the cuddling…..Krish moves around his crib  trying to find the best position to sleep, he comes to me gives mommy some very sweet wet kisses….he then chews on my fingers (since he is teething). This goes on for a few minutes…some times he will come and kiss my belly (I am six months pregnant so he gives a lot of wet kisses to my belly). some time he will play with my hair…pull it out and see how long it is. I am always amazed by how gentle and loving he is. All the time, I try not to make a noise, I dont want to encourage him to keep on playing but at the same time I want to extend our special time together. He usually falls asleep in 15 to 20 minutes…but he does show his love in those few minutes..I am left wanting more.

And then when the morning comes around (around 6:00 am) I am not a morning person…but the moment he tries to find me, if i am not sleeping next to him, he will crawl over his dad and come to mommy. He will then give me the sweetest gentlest kisses and tries to wake me up with his cuddles and kisses. I always joke and say he is the sweetest alarm clock I ever had. He keeps drowsing back to sleep some times, but he is persistent and we are both up and brushing our teeth by 6:30 am. I know a day will come when he will not want a hug or a kiss from his old lady, but I hope i will remember these nights and early morning hours in later years and cherish these memories forever.

I am really worried how our routines and cuddles will change once we have baby #2, I just hope that I will have the energy to continue the night time and day time routines even after baby#2.